Our Vineyards

the Visio Vintners Vineyards

VISIO VINTNERS cultivates their own grapes on land adjacent to Kleine Zalze Wines. The 20.2 hectares of land is leased from the  Stellenbosch Municipality on a long term basis. Replanting of the vineyards started in 2017 and the last blocks will be replanted in 2022. 


Our vineyards are all FairtradeWIETA and IPW certified. Under Fairtrade a proportion of the proceeds of the sale of wines is returned to the farm workers. These funds are autonomously administered by a committee known as the Fairtrade Premium Committee (FPC), which is made up of workers and a management representative to lend support.

The FPC receives suggestions for projects from qualifying workers and then decides on prioritisation, based on inclusive discussions and the availability of funds.